Global Weather Data Specialist

Realtime, 365 day weather forecast and historical weather

Land, Marine and Ski weather for worldwide locations

Dedicated Global Weather Data

Data dump for any global locations. Up to date. Accurate. Fully Managed.

Data Dump

Realtime data updated every 10-15 min and forecast weather data available for up to 365 day in 15 min, daily and hourly interval. Bulk download data based on your subscription level.

Historical Weather

Over 12+ years historical weather data available in 15 min, hourly and daily intervals.

Simple and Secure

Easy to use. Simple HTTP/S GET API access to download complete weather dataset.

Bulk download weather data through API

Worldwide weather data

We are UK based leading provider of worldwide weather information for worldwide cities and towns, sea and marine and ski and mountain locations. Developers and businesses rely on us to deliver accurate weather data to support their website, applications and business operations. We offer quality and up to date global weather data for bulk download that will benefit your business.


We provide realtime weather data for worldwide weather geo points for bulk download. Updated every 10-15 min.


Weather forecast bulk data for all worldwide geo points for upto next 365 day weather forecast in 15 min, daily and hourly intervals. Updated every 4 to 6 hours in a day.

Bulk Download

Download single location data or bulk download all location data as a ZIP file stored on our secure and fast servers.


Historical weather is available from 1st January 2009 till now in 15 min, daily and hourly interval for global weather locations.

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